For your beauty I drop a tear 


Your high scores shined 

In a moonlit night 

Just like the northern star 

On a lovely spring night 


You brought spring 

To my life just like cherry blossoms 


I might cry 

Over and over and over again 

But this love won’t fade away 

Even if it means tearing apart 


Crossed the oceans 

Barefoot, my only choice 

In the melodies of your voice 

Finally I could rejoice 


And on the bed of death 

I will remember heart beating ultrasonic 

And the attached harmonic 

When I first noticed your strength 


The battle finished 

Although it’s over, 

The struggle isn’t, but rest assured 

As for today we are free 


Oh lovely cherry blossom, 

The moon is beautiful, isn’t it? 


Nart Alghabbach